Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wine Wednesday, Achaval Ferrer

Malbec World Day is FINALLY here! A celebration of Argentina's most famous grape and one that has been taking the world by storm. I have been featuring Malbec's all month for Wine Wednesday and I can tell you it hasn't sucked one bit!

I was in Mendoza in December, drinking Malbec until my teeth and tongue were permanently stained. I was looking forward to visiting every winery on my itinerary, especially Achaval Ferrer. Wine Spectator Magazine had just named the 2010 Finca Bella Vista, one of the Top Ten Wines of the World! We drank it from the bottle, from the barrel and it was fantastic. However, for Wine Wednesday I've chosen their signature Malbec Mendoza. It's easier to get your hands on and more affordable; in the $20 range.

This is a big wine for the price tag with layers of spice, raspberry and dark fruit; a little earthy with a perfume finish. Here's a little more from the studio with the crappy lighting! Happy Wine Wednesday and Happy Malbec World Day! Whats in YOUR glass??? CHEERS!!

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