Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wine Wednesday, Concha y Toro

It's Wine Wednesday! April 17th is Malbec World Day. Why wait? I decided to make the entire month of April a celebration of Malbec.

Instead of starting out with an obvious selection from Argentina, the Malbec making capital of the world, I'm going to neighboring Chile. Check out the 2011 Reserva Casillero del Diablo from Concha y Toro. I love the story behind the name of this wine, which translates to the Cellar of the Devil. Back in the day, the owner sent word that there was a Devil in his cellar, to keep people from stealing the wine that was stored there. It's a well made and affordable collection, under $15 for this bottle. It tasted great with the fajitas I had for lunch! Here's a short video with more info (better quality next week...promise!)

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