Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wine Wednesday, New from New Zealand

I thought Wine Wednesday would never get here! Last week, I got a call from Heather, one of my favorite wine reps, who began the conversation like this, "I know it's not Wednesday, but  you HAVE to meet this guy I'm driving around today and you HAVE to taste his wine."

Me, "Twist my arm, OK."

Jason Yank, Managing Director of Astrolabe Wines, had just arrived from New Zealand. Because of a tight travel schedule, I could not get him into the studio but gladly connected at Cru in Fort Myers for a tasting and a quick interview.

This wine is not only new to the Southwest Florida Market, but new to the entire state. It was hard to pick which of three I tasted to feature for Wine Wednesday. But I finally decided on Astrolabe's flagship, Sauvignon Blanc. It smelled grassy and fresh. One of the first things I tasted was jalapenos! Then some peach and passion fruit, YUM! The fruit and acidity were nicely balanced. It's a great warm weather wine that I envision drinking with a fish dish, containing some combination of cilantro and onions.

Yank also brought along a phenomenal Pinot Gris and a Pinot Noir; both now available in Florida. Some of the places they are being poured include Sweet Melissa's, Sunshine Cafe, Cibo, Twisted Vine Bistro, Bistro 41, Decanted and the Island Store. Yank talks about all three here:


  1. Just in time for Cinco De Mayo :)

  2. I love the Sauv Blanc. I am a real Tom Eddy fan but this takes it to a new level. My new fav. Denise -TVB

  3. YEAH! Glad you are serving them Denise! Will be in very soon to imbibe!