Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Firestone Is On Fire

Talk about town in Southwest Florida this season, has surrounded the reopening of "the old sky bar" in downtown Fort Myers. The Firestone  is a four story restaurant and entertainment complex known for great, roof-top views of the sunset and the river basin and live music in the infamous, brick martini bar on the third floor. The first two floors are home to the restaurant and loft where Firestone tires rotate along a conveyor belt in a nostalgic setting. When the location reopened, there was no doubt among locals that it would be a good place to party, but what about dine?

Executive Chef Marbin Alvalez is the kind of guy you want to hug. He's got a great smile and he loves to make others smile with his culinary creations. Chef has given me a new love of broccoli by grilling it with Rogue Smokey blue cheese as an appetizer ($6.95). The grilled Caesar salad with roasted tomatoes is equally delightful ($7.95).

But the Butterfish (above) is spectacular ($26.95). The melt in your mouth, fish dish is served with honey wasabi mashed potatoes and vegetables, stir-fried in a sweet, savory chili glaze. I also tried the grilled lamb tenderloin and it was definitely tender ($25.75). Chef let us sample a grouper in a  pistachio sauce and some diver scallops as well. All were cooked perfectly and had a nice balance of flavors. Sadly, I did not save room for dessert.

The wine list at The Firestone started out a little bit on the thin side for my taste and for the cuisine, but on this latest visit I was pleasantly surprised with the new additions and increased variety.

Firestone owners and operators are also behind the nearby Fords Garage, where there is a burger on the menu with my name on it, literally. .

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